Monday, July 16, 2012

Got my Raspberry Pi finally

So I paid for my Raspberry Pi in February, it finally arrived a few weeks ago while I was away for work. I have got home a few days ago and have really only just got round to playing with it.

I installed the basic Debian Squeeze image to the SD card, which took quite a while from my netbook. It worked first time without any real issues, it was unable to play MP3 files which was fine since I have also downloaded the Arch image and I'm going to try that also. I did install the OpenElec image and installed that to the SD card but it didn't run. Not sure what I did wrong but I would like to get it working.

I am going to install the Arch image and give that a go tomorrow.

All instructions to get your R-Pi working with as little friction as possible can be found at the Raspberry Pi downloads site, just follow the link to the beginners guide if you need help.

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