Monday, May 21, 2012

Editing suite for digital video, first post

My brother has a digital video business. He has asked me to spec out / build him an editing suite. The budget is fairly significant, I am looking into various options. Leaning towards the Core i7 3930k on an Intel DX79SI, with 32 or 64GB RAM.

I haven't decided on graphics hardware yet, but at this stage will be nVidia 6xx/7xx series card.

Storage is giving me a bit of an issue, I need to do more research at how SSD's fair in RAID for the system drive. There is also the option of a PCI-E based storage device, such as the OCZ revo series.

More research is required, but I feel the most important part is going to be the storage, latencies in storage are what makes computers feel slow. Especially in modern computers, you are not often waiting for the processor but the info to get to the processor.

I am not planning on liquid cooling as I believe that I can achieve, appropriate temperatures and low enough noise levels on air cooling.

There will be more posts, with more detail as the planning stage continues. Then when I have budget approval, final pricing and purchasing. There will be pictures of the build process.

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