Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just an empty box, for now

Here is a picture of the box I plan to use to build my server.

Just a basic box I have had sitting around for a while now. This will house my file server.
The power supply is huge for what need but it will do for now. It is just a basic 420W supply that came with the box.

Considering that the max power draw of my system will be, (6 x 7.38W) + (1 x 56W) + 10% contingency = a whopping 110.3W max. So the power supply will never operate above 25% load....this is not very efficient.

I have looked into smaller supplies, 120 / 150W but they are few and far between. Generally very expensive for good quality ones, and I already have this one.

The server should need no cooling, or minimal at best, it will live in the garage on a shelf just below the router. I will make any settings changes and admin stuff from a remote computer via a web browser.

There is space to mount 4 HDD's, when I expand the server I will make up a mounting bracket for the extra two HDD's.

The FreeNAS OS will be installed on a 4GB flash drive that I will attach to the inside of the box and run a small lead to one of the back USB ports.

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