Thursday, May 3, 2012

Home file server plans

I need to build a home file server. I have too much stuff and it is stored on various laptops and desktops. I currently have around 2Tb of files.

The plan is to use a box and power supply that I already have, and get a MB + RAM + drives and install FreeNAS 8 as the OS. Using Raid Z as a redundancy solution.

I want to use an Asus E35M1-I because it has 6 SATA ports so it can handle 6 drives, currently 3Tb is the biggest you can get, but I will get 3 to start off with and expand when I need more storage, maybe get 5Tb's then.

I will get a 4Gb stick of ram, there are so many and they change price so much I don't have one in mind, I'll just get the best one at the time.

I am currently looking at 3Tb Seagate 7200RPM drive, which is sitting at NZ8c/Gb. I will change my mind if anything else pops up between now and actually buying the gear.

So as it stands I am looking at around: $175 + ~$20 + 3*$246 + postage ~= $1000 for 6Tb of storage in a RAID. After RAID overhead

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