Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oracle vs Google - more stuff

Looks like Google has won another round here.

Lawyers for Oracle said “We plan to continue to defend and uphold Java’s core write once run anywhere principle and ensure it is protected for the nine million Java developers and the community that depend on Java compatibility,”. This is just bullshit and bravado, they are trying to legitimize their case by saying that in the end we will be vindicated???

This makes sense for them, they are trying to paint themselves as the "good guys" or even the under dogs. But it doesn't really work for them, Oracle is one of the biggest companies in the world, one of the problems is they didn't develop Java, they purchased it along with Sun Microsystems. The bit in the quote on Java comparability is also crap, because a significant portion of the existing Java code (.JAR) files can be recompiled strait to android. Wiseandroid has a good guide on including existing Java code in your android application.

Linus Torvalds said “Prediction: instead of Oracle coming out and admitting they were morons about their idiotic suit against Android, they’ll come out posturing and talk about how they’ll be vindicated, and pay lawyers to take it to the next level of idiocy.”. I think this is quite a good short sweet view on the whole mess that this case has been.

The only ones that have benefited from this case have been the lawyers. Although if this weighs in on the decision to make APIs non-patentable / non-copy-writable then it may have been worth it.

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