Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mozilla comes out against CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), link at the bottom to the forbes article. I have to wonder why the default state of being now for a "regular citizen" is to be spied on? Unfortunately most people don't understand the ability of technology to track and record every act and action they engage in. Why in the modern world must every thing we do be subject to scrutiny?

This is an American law, but it indicates a general trend for all western countries. It is worrying really, we are quickly heading to the world of thought crime envisaged by Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) in Nineteen Eighty Four. These kind of laws make me think of the scene in the book where Winstons neighbour is taken away by the thought police, and he says "who would have thought I was a thought criminal". It makes me think of this because he wasn't doing anything "wrong" he was just going about his life, and he supported the party in general, he was a "good citizen".

I care about privacy, I use linux on all my computers, and generally am quite careful about what I do onliine. I am quite aware that most people don't think about these kind of things as much as I do. Why should they be subject to the glaring eye of the authorities for every thing that they do?

CISPA is bad (

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