Wednesday, May 2, 2012

UK Parliament orders TPB blocked at DNS

I saw this first on twitter yesterday, I couldn't believe that they actually did this, Link to wired story at the bottom. I'm sure someone would have told the court how easy this is to get around.

I had a discussion on FB with a friend who pointed out that they are going after the casual pirate, which I understand. But I pointed out that the casual pirate has learnt many new techniques over the years. From Napster through the tracker years (lime wire and its ilk) through to torrents and magnet links today. This will maybe, MAYBE, slow down the casual pirate for a month. The dedicated pirate already knows how to get around this.

It really annoys me that they have broken the internet to pander to one industry group, this is a slippery slope, using a DNS block on one site WILL lead to other blocks. Thing is, it wont work, so they have passed a very dangerous law that will NOT fix the problem.

I don't pretend to know how to fix the piracy issue but breaking the internet is the worst way they could have done it. My other fear is that our stupid partitions will jump on the bandwagon and pass a similar law here (New Zealand).

I have herd the phone book analogy many times, i.e. if you take someone out of the phone book, you can still call them if you know the number. Which is broadly true, but I think that a slightly better analogy is a map: if you remove a town from a map, there are still many ways to get there. The roads are still connected and even if you block the main route, the back roads are still available.

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