Monday, May 7, 2012

Unblocking TPB

As I expected there are already tutorials showing up detailing how the average punter can bypass the block put in place by the UK parliament (TorrentFreak).

But by far the easiest way available to the average UK person is to use the mirror proved by the UK Pirate Party via I'm sure that (unfortunately) the PPUK will be ordered by the authorities (thought they are part of that authority) to take down the mirror.

I expect during this transition period people will be confused and getting annoyed. But all that has to happen is for them to get over their annoyance just once and figure out how to get around the blockade. However for the blockade to succeed then it needs to keep people from finding ways around it.

This is an infinitely hard problem as I'm sure there are going to be some very dedicated and talented people working to access what they want. Some will be just for the challenge just to prove that they can get around the ban. Others will to get that latest moive / song. Others out of curiosity to "see what all the fuss is about".

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